Amazon Inc. Becomes Number 1

Amazon Inc.

In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive, Amazon and its reputation was rated number 1.

Last year Apple was number 1.   Some analysts see this is another piece of evidence that Apple is starting to come down from the lofty clouds where it has resided for so long. While Apple is profitable, many doubt whether it can continue to bring to the market new breakthrough products.

Amazon’s business strategy,  culture, and ability to execute impresses many.   Robert Fronk at Harris Interactive said that “Amazon’s ability to execute and deliver is unparalleled… They handle the rational and the emotional side of the customer experience equally well.”

How Amazon’s Reputation Eclipsed Apple

It’s not easy beating Apple at anything, and it may be harder still for a company that has no stores, no face-to-face interaction with the public and no real product of its own. Yet that’s what Amazon has accomplished by coming in No. 1 in the latest Harris Interactive survey of corporate reputations. The online retailer displaced Apple, which was No. 1 last year, along with other top companies including Google, Walt Disney, and Johnson & Johnson. Since Apple is a company that generates obsessive interest, many analysts see it as one further sign of Apple’s descent from the stratosphere. But the real story may be Amazon’s surge, along with its ingenious business strategy and the cultural factors that allowed it to happen. Apple still ranks as a “great” company, by Harris’s reckoning. But Amazon has one-upped it.

About Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce retailer. Its a multinational company with separate e-commerce sites for Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and the United States. It headquarters is located in Seattle Washington.

Amazon started as bookstore e-commerce business. Today is sells virtually everything. It has order fulfillment warehouses in various places in Asia, Europe and the United States.  It also develops and sells ts own products such the Kindle reader, the Kindle tablet, and cloud services.

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