About David Willden

David is the CEO of Breakthrough Practices.  He is described as the “Swiss Watch" builder of organizational success. He has led transformation and improvements that generated over $500 M in bottom-line results, significantly improved morale, and won top awards. His has rich expertise in private, public, and non-profit sectors effectively leading transformations, turnarounds, and improvement

David chaired and managed World Strategy Week in 2014 and 2016 where he brought together thought leaders to discuss critical forces changing global economies.  These included top government advisors (e.g., U.K. Prime Minister, U.S. White House), scholars from top universities, best-selling authors, and top executives from private, public, and non-profit sectors.   He received from the Association of Strategic Planning the "Member of the Year Award."  He was also on the Board of Directors for the Association of Strategic Planning.

David developed Strategy-Keys.com to share with others highlights of the best practices and lessons learned discovered in the areas of strategy, organizational turnarounds, and execution.

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    • Managed enterprise strategy execution, PMOs, and operations improvement
    • Led 300 concurrent product development, operations, and technology teams that generated $100M in annual savings and new revenue
    • Managed 105 consultants for Cap Gemini Ernst and & Young. Overall 99.4% client satisfaction rating for all projects being on-time, within budget, and meeting expectations


    • Led strategy development for highly successful private-sector, public, and non-profit enterprises
    • Awarded 2015 “Member of the Year Award” from the Association of Strategic Planning
    • Created financial models and business plans for new enterprises, turnarounds, and new products


    • Led companies, and public and non-profit organizations
    • Developed highly engaged teams to achieve desired results and win top awards
    • Author of popular book Creating You, Inc. – to help people create careers they love
    • Provided executive workshops on employee engagement to participants throughout Europe


    • Transformed and established world-class product development processes and practices
    • Provided product development leadership to flagship revenue producing products teams
    • Led development of systems, books, television programs, and website


    • U.S. Senate Quality and Productivity Awards
    • USA Today Quality Cup Winner
    • White-House Reinventing Government Award
    • Best Companies to Work For Award
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