About David Willden

Helps people and organizations to become thought leaders and make a real difference.  Referred to as the "Swiss watch of high performance."   Best-selling author, high-performance thought leader, CEO, sustainable turnaround expert, and executive consultant.

"Most turnaround experts focus on cost cutting, and destroy the sustainability of organizations.  David is completely different.  He creates vision, passion, and sustainability.  He cares deeply and brings out the best that everyone has to offer in creating a new future. "

David Willden's sweet-spot is helping people and organizations to discover their noblest passions, develop compelling strategies, and create breakthrough results.

Author and Executive Consultant

David is the author of the best-selling book Creating You, Inc.- a guidebook that helps people to create their own career or business doing what they love most and making a real difference. He consults with executives throughout the world in them to become thought leaders, help their employees to do the same,  and to create highly passionate and engaged cultures

Sustainable Turnaround Leader

He has led strategy, turnarounds and improvement initiatives that generated $500 million in results, improved morale, and won top national awards.  He has managed hundreds of profit improvement, operations streamlining, product development, and other revenue generation projects that generated $100s of millions annually in results.

Strategy and Execution

He has led development and implementation of winning strategies in complex, technical, and critical private, public, and non-profit organizations.   He translated enterprise strategy into execution in multiple organizations. He managed strategy execution that entailed leading new product development, operations redesign/improvement, technology development, and cost reduction initiatives

Top Executive and Consultant

David has run companies as CEO, COO, and GM and has worked as a senior management adviser to top government officials,  consulted extensively with federal organizations, Fortune 100 companies, small-medium sized businesses, and non-profit organizations. He has also worked as an executive for Larry H. Miller (owner of 100+ businesses, including Utah Jazz NBA team), Cap Gemini Consulting, and Franklin Covey where he led business turnarounds, managed 100+ consultants, and managed 100+ concurrent product development & other project teams.

Creating Thought Leadership

Most recently, David led initiatives to develop, publish, and launch books, websites and a television program. The first book was an overnight bestseller - shattering sales records in the industry. Subsequent books continue to be top sellers in their niche and have won top awards. The television series became a local favorite that continues to be rebroadcast.

Strategy Thought Leader

As a leader in the field of strategy, David chaired World Strategy Week in 2014 and 2016. Brought together thought leaders to discuss critical forces changing global economies. These included top government advisors (e.g., U.K. Prime Minister, U.S. White House), scholars from top universities, best-selling authors, and top executives.  He was awarded “Outstanding Member of Year and served on the Board of the Association of Strategic Planning

Rialto Consultancy 

David is also a senior director with the Rialto Consultancy out of London.  Rialto is a top executive coaching and business transformation consulting firm that has won a number of top awards in the UK and Europe including:

    • Winner 2017 Best in Business Transformation Winner
    • 2016 Organisational Culture
    • Consultancy of the Year Winner 2016
    • Change Management Advisers of the Year Winner 2015/2014
    • Business & Leadership Transformation Specialists Winner 2015
    • Transition Coaching Consultant of the Year Winners
    • CMI Outstanding Organisation of the Year (SME)

David has a M.S. from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. from Brigham Young University.


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If you prefer, you can call David at 385-251-8435 or email him at David.Willden@outlook.com