Articles on Strategic Planning

The World of Strategic Planning is Changing

The world of strategic planning and decision making is quickly advancing.  Strategy is more important than ever.  Also, being able to effectively implement in shorter time spans is vital. The right type of strategic planning helps you and your organization to know where you are going, and a game plan to get there.

There is not one perfect way to carry out strategic planning in your organization. It is important to read different articles, look at how strategy planning is carried out in various organizations, and identify best practices and lessons learned. Above all, understand your culture, your market, your competition, your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and design an approach that will work best for you.

We have provided various articles on strategic planning that can help you think in your quest to help your organization succeed.

Articles on Strategic Planning

Highlighted Articles

Agile Strategic Planning

Agile strategic management can significantly increase the chances that your organization achieves its goals. Traditional strategic planning processes are in place in most organization but they do not work well. They are missing “strategy” and “planning” are missing. Continue Reading

Amazon Strategic Planning – External Analysis

In this article on strategic planning we examine simple tools that Amazon leveraged in conducting an internal assessment. Amazon is a great, leading-edge company that has successfully developed and implemented compelling strategies that we can learn from. Continue Reading

Amazon Strategic Planning – Internal Analysis

Amazon is the 5th most admired company in the world. How did it become so successful so quickly? Investing in the right strategies and plans at the right time and staying the course. In this article on strategic planning we examine simple tools that Amazon leveraged in conducting an external assessment. Continue Reading

Competitive Advantage – Review

This seminal article on a critical aspect of strategic planning is an vital resources. Companies achieve a competitive advantage based cost leadership, differentiation, or focus. Continue Reading

Discipline of Market Leaders – Review

The Disciple of Market Leaders provides compelling insights into various strategies and business models. It focuses on market leaders (e.g., Nike, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Harley Davidson, Intel) and identifies keys to their success success[...] Continue Reading

Market Driven Strategy – Review

This article on strategic planning is a review important book is an important resource for managers dealing with volatile markets. Day presents a market-driven approach to competitive strategy. His material has been tested in over 200 companies (e.g., G.E., Marriott and Kodak). Continue Reading

Strategic Speed – Review

Only 30 percent of strategic initiatives are successfully executed. If we can’t have confidence in our ability to strategize, plan and execute, what do we have? What’s going on? And how can you accelerate execution in your company? In this article on strategic planning, three seasoned executives and consultants conducted major research to understand the problem and to find answers. Continue Reading

Articles on Strategic Planning

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