Competitive Strategy and Projects

Competitive Strategy and Projects

Business Strategy Translates to Projects

Terry Schmidt’s book on Strategic Project Management is breakthrough! Having a competitive strategy and projects tightly aligned to the strategy is key. Projects are the “how” business strategies get implemented. Projects are what makes or breaks the company.

I am always on the lookout to figure out how to help companies achieve breakthrough success. In previous roles, I worked as direct report to CEOs of large companies, and to a Director of a large government agency. My role has typically been to provide corporate oversight, training and facilitation to corporate projects tied to the enterprise strategy. Sometimes I would oversee 100s of projects concurrently. I also worked with a consulting firm managing 100+ project and technology consultants. Terry’s book is gold! I agree with Terry that successful projects tied to business strategies means strong strategy execution.

A Strong Strategy is Priority One

Defining a truly competitive strategy is step one. To this end, using the right strategic management tools and having access to the right data is vital.

    • Strategic management models
    • Business research resources
    • Strategic planning templates

Strong Strategic Project Management is Priority Two

Terry pursued his MBA at Harvard along with Michael E. Porter. Michael focused on business strategy and Terry concentrated on both business strategy and how to most successful implement business strategy to achieve results. Terry has spent three decades helping hundreds of of teams worldwide.

Some of the projects are the most sensitive and complex on the planet. Over three decades, Terry developed a simple yet powerful way to design and launch critical projects that deliver outstanding results.

Terry’s book is the best book out there on strategy and project management and how they integrate. Terry gets to the core of the issues in project management. Most importantly, he provides precious insights in simple and practice terms that get to the point. His focus especially on Logical Frameworks is gold!

To learn more about the Logical Framework visit Strategic Planning Academy or click the image below.

Staying on Top

The best way to succeed with implementation is to find a systematic way of turning strategy into action through projects. Terry says that, “instead, many plan their projects using ad hoc means or turn to software tools before the objectives are fully understood. How you initially plan projects will determine the results you get. If you start smart, using the right process with the right people, you build a strong foundation for success.”

Terry Schmidt says that, “having a great strategy on paper is not enough. To achieve results, strategic intent must be turned into implementable projects that are understood and owned by capable teams. Few organizations do this well.” “In fact,” Terry goes on to explain, ”Fortune magazine notes that 70% of all strategies fail, largely because of the inability to execute.” To learn more about Terry visit or click on the image below.

Competitive Strategy and Projects