Entrepreneuers: Strategy Lessons from Top Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

It isn’t enough to look at what big corporations are doing to be successful. Apple, Google, Southwest, Amazon are all examples of relative new firms. Now, they are major revenue generation powerhouses.

Emerging small businesses are changing the landscape. In a new world where knowledge and technology dominate, competitive barriers to entry are dropping like the Berlin wall. Additionally, many today can related better with the challenges that businesses confront.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses to Watch

Entrepreneur Magazine 2011 Award Winners

    • Adam Nelson – Good Nite Lite
    • Gabrielle Palermo – G3Box
    America’s Best Small Companies 2011 – By Fortune

    • Questcor Pharmaceuticals
    • American Public Education
    • IEC Electronics
    • Grand Canyon Education
    • SolarWinds
    • IPG Photonics
    • LSB Industries
    • Interactive Intelligence
    • Allegiant Traval
    • Kapstone Paper & Packaging

Identify Business Strategies

Our objective is to understand the business strategies keys of some of these entrepreneurs and companies, based on public information. The key isn’t to duplicate a given strategy, but to understand the connections, patterns and themes that led to the success of the strategy.