Big Data Innovation

Big Data Innovation

The Big Data Innovation Conference is the biggest meeting of Fortune-500 executives driving Big Data endeavors.

This Conference draws together leaders and pioneers for a gathering applauded for its learning approaches; merging keynote speeches, engaging break-out groups and open-discussion.

The conference will assist your company comprehend & leverage big data methods and uncover what jobs will transform due to the growing importance of data. With large quantities of data available these days,  organizations today are confronted with the obstacle of large storage space, administration, analysis, visualization, security and innovative tools and technology.

Stratifying and understanding data to improve business results and attain improved client perception is important.  Executives today are much more conscious of the demand for big data best practices and data scientists perform a growing important role in developing strategies and policies.

If your work function involves the following duties then this is an important conference to attend:

    • Storage of Data
    • Manage of Data
    • Networking with Data
    • Leveraging Data
    • Big Data

Why Participate?

Be assured, all the crucial challenges associated with analytics will be discussed in straight forward conversations during this ground-breaking seminar. We focus on real solutions to the actual challenges you confront each day. We understand the concepts supporting present advancements in analyzing, organizing and strategy no longer always manifest themselves in the real-world, especially when looked at in a worldwide framework. Which explains why we request that you openly share your thoughts.

We will enjoy seeing.

Come and Be a Part

    • Over 40 market expert presentations
    • Over 300 Big Data experts participating
    • Engaging classes with market experts
    • 30+ hrs of networking opportunities
    • Access to videos of the presentations after the conference
    • Over 30 case studies from Fortune-500 businesses

Topics Covered at Big Data Innovation Conference:

    • Business Analytics Solution for Portable Software & Electronic Digital Marketing
    • Big Data as Computer code in eBay Search
    • “Bing” Big Data System
    • Big Data and Suggestions at LinkedIn
    • Big Data Statistics System at Nokia
    • Crowd Evaluation Thru Data Science
    • Elevating the Bar with Leading Statistics
    • Achieving Relevance: Developing a Testing Plan in an e-commerce Start-Up Company
    • The Tricks of Analytic Pioneers
    • Big Data -Panel – Use-Case Behaviours and Implementations
    • Generating Results by using Analytics in Customer Relationship Management
    • Benefits of Connections – Issues and Possibility with Big Data
    • Important Developments in Big Data
    • Big Data in Health care
    • Exploring Big Data
    • Forecasting AB Testing Results Above Conversion
    • Cultivating a Data Tradition
    • Too Much Info Not enough time
    • Data Repository Engineering and Attaining Perspective at PayPal
    • Posing the Best Questions to Acquire the Data You Desire

Big Data Innovation