Social Media Marketing – Tips

Social Media Marketing – Tips

Quality vs. Quantity

There are many who insist that in the social media world it is not the “quantity” of followers you have, but the “quality.” That point can’t be successful debated. However, those in the sales world understand that you need both quality and quantity. The key is to have a great product and a great sales and marketing process to help convert prospects into buyers and passionate promoters of your product.

It is important to be selective in who you follow, but, the bigger the number of prospects the better.  There is an online tool – – that may help you find prospects.

The approach to successfully selling in the social media world is different from traditional methods.  If you use a “hard selling “or a “sneaky” approach to selling, you won’t succeed.

Establish a Network

Step one is to determine what your network or audience is interested in. It is important that you treat your audience right so they will value you and each other. Naturally, you don’t start a relationship by selling. If you oversell too quickly they will quickly walk away in the online world. They are there because they want to be and they find value in the relationship.

Chris Brogan in his book “Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything” provides practical insight regarding establishing a network:

  • I follow people who have filled out a profile and have a picture. If they don’t take the time to fill out a profile, why should I care about them?
  • I follow people who get mentioned by other people I follow. If you’re mentioned in a post and I check you out and you’re interesting, I add you to a circle.
  • I circle people if I’m interested in what they post.
  • I look at people who leave interesting comments on other people’s posts. If they can hold up their end of the conversation, I circle them.
  • I want value. If you’re not sharing something of value, I won’t circle you.
  • I want personal takes, not just your business thoughts.
  • I want interesting and original, not just re-shared information.

Social Selling Tips

Is social media for business?  There are several benefits that may be derived through social media. These include:

Social media continues to capture more of people’s time as a place to interact and communicate with people and businesses of their choosing. Social media is becoming more and more mainstream. In an article titled “Are You Interacting or Interrupting Potential Customers?” Laura Lake writes:


Social Media Marketing – Tips

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