Social Analytics For Customer Engagements

Social Analytics For Customer Engagements

Social Analytics is the buzz word today. It has potential to keep the customer engagement team lean and efficient - assuming that the data gathered through social channels are structured to provide actionable insights. With CRMs now taking "social" shape, its important to realize that connecting to social media to gather information about the company and its products and services is just the beginning.  What is more important is to churn, filter and present the ocean of raw data in a way that facilitates smarter and quicker decisions. Traditional static reports no longer work in a world where the customer controls the products & pricing.

The "moment of truth" occurs with a prospective customer is exposed to a company and their products and services. This moment may occur through many venues (e.g., online queries, feedback others have provided, an advertisement). Understanding and managing this "moment of truth" is key . With this in mind, Prasanna Rajanna discusses in the article (see link) below, two critical customer engagement processes: a) Customer Experience; and, b) Lead Life Cycle.

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About Prasanna

Prasanna Rajanna has over a decade + experience in CRM solution architecting. While implementing Siebel CRM for Telecom, retail, healthcare and automotive companies in Europe and United States, he has shown clients, how to derive maximum benefits of the product, streamlining the process that best suits for that specific industry. Prior to CRM, Prasanna has held various functional head / marketing management roles for nearly 9 + years in manufacturing & retail companies. He has managed countrywide partner & distributor network.


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