Business Strategy Consulting Services

Business Strategy Consulting Services

What is strategy consulting?

Strategy consultants typically work with the CEO and members of the Board of Directors.

Image the following.  A firm is losing market share.   There are several paths that could be taken to try and solve this problem.     The VP of marketing is arguing that more marketing is needed.  The VP of engineering is insisting that additional research and development work is needed.   The CFO is cautious about making additional investment and is proposing that additional cost cutting initiatives be undertaken.  The VP of HR is suggesting that new players be hired.

Your consulting firm has been hired to help the CEO and the Board develop a plan to regain market share.   So,  what do you do?

You help the executives to make the best choices possible to solve the problem.  Dealing with strong and differing opinions is commonplace.  The question is,  how can you be objective and respective during the course of an engagement?

Strategy consulting focuses on data,  facts and common sense.   They ultimately help the executives make and pursue choices  that lead to their desired result.

Strategy consulting firms

The following are example of large business strategy consulting firms and are not listed in rank order:

    • A.T. Kearney
    • Accenture
    • Analysis Group, Inc.
    • Arthur D. Little
    • Bain & Company
    • Booz & Company
    • Cap Gemini
    • Deloitte Consulting LLP
    • McKinsey & Company
    • Oliver Wyman
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (Consulting Practice)
    • The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
    • The Cambridge Group

Top Business Strategy Consultants

Best Consulting Firms to Work For - 2016

  1. The Boston Consulting Group
  2. Point B
  3. Slalom Consulting
  4.  Collaborative Solutions
  5. RSM
  6. CapTech
  7. West Monroe Partners
  8. NTT Data
  9. PwC
  10. Pariveda Solutions
  11. L.E.K. Consulting
  12. Collaborative Consulting
  13. KPMG
  14. Huron Consulting Group
  15. Protiviti

How Were These Firms Selected?

ConsultingMag shares that the candidate firms were rated in 6 categories that relate to employee satisfaction.

Making a Difference with Client Organizations

    • This looks at, from the perspective of the consultants,  the quality of the consulting services that the firm provides.   If the consultants perceive that their firm is making a meaningful contribution to their client organizations,  then the firm would receive high marks.

Shared Values 

    • In the past,  large consulting firms would hire top students from prestigious universities.   The firms would teach them they skills they needed and to adopt important values.  Today,  the dynamics are different.  Consultants come from a variety of industries,  firms,  and cultures.  Creating a culture of shared values and skills is more difficult.   The question here is, to what extent are there shared values and are these values adhered to?


    • This looks at  how successfully the consulting firms are in  setting goals,  and involving and communicating these goals in a way that engages and inspires the employees.

Career Development

    • How successfully does the firm provide opportunities to its employees to learn,  grow and progress in  their careers?

Work - Life Balance

    • Consulting firms notoriously overwork their employees.   The question here is,  how successfully does the firm enable their employees to have a work - life balance?

Compensation & Benefits

    • To what extent are employees satisfied with the compensation they receive?

Business Strategy Consulting Services

By David Willden