Future of Technology - Eric Schmidt

Future of Technology

Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google, shares his thoughts regarding future technologies and which ones will have the greatest impact.   Below are highlights from the video below.

There will be  many new technologies that will be extremely interesting.  A key question is,  which ones will  impact the most people throughout the world?

Access to the World's Information

Everyone in the world will have access to the world’s information.  That has huge implications for privacy, security,  censorship,  the role of government, how people behave, how information is spread,  and so on.   Access to this world's information will change education,  intellectual property laws,  how businesses work,  and how media works

Computational Biology

Computational biology will help us to move from an analog view of biology to a digital perspective.  Computational biology involves the development and application of analytical and theoretical methods, mathematical modeling and simulations to biological, behavioral, and social system related fields.   Computational biology includes emphasis in the disciplines of anatomy,  applied mathematics, biophysics, chemistry,  computer science, ecology,  genetics,  molecular biology,  neuroscience, and visualization.

Computational biology will help us to understand how our brains work, how DNA works, how diseases work and how to improve our health.   There are firms and foundations building DNA databases and computational models right now.

Materials and Manufacturing

New ultra-powerful, ultra-light, ultra-conductive materials can now be manufactured at scale. 3D printing will enable the construction of interesting new materials.  Today plastic is used in 3D printers to create items. Overtime the 3D printers will capable of machining, mining, and producing new materials.

User Interfaces

There’s a new generation of user-interface theory that says there should not be a user interface.   Just-in-time information should just be around you.  We will progress from just telling the computer to perform simple commands,  to it become much more of a help and friend.

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Future of Technology