Power of Strategy

The Power of Strategy

In Prasanna Rajanna's article The Power of Strategy he provides us with a compelling framework that promises to improve the success of organizational change efforts.

We all understand that improvement and change is vital. The problems and failure with change initiatives are of all shapes and sizes. They include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Too much change too quickly
  • Endless planning
  • Too little planning
  • Lack of integrated systems approach
  • Lack of understanding and buy-in to changes

What is the Best Model for Approaching Change?

The software world has learned through that system projects fail when there isn't the right balance of upfront planning and learning through doing.  So, how is the software world learning to address this challenge successfully?   One critical key is "agile development" and the focus on releases or "versions" (e.g., version .01, version 1.0, version 2.0).

Organizations can leverage the benefits of both a "systems perspective" and "agile development" in accelerated timeframes. As organizational change is being planned out, Prasanna emphasizes it is important to realize that there are three simple "organizational layers" that need to continuously focused on: vision, strategy, and transaction.

    • Vision: lays out the dream
    • Strategy: translates the dream into plans
    • Transaction: the doing or implementing of the plan

Prasanna stresses "the success of the organization lies in the interface between the three layers." What is important is that "every stake holder (in the change process) is consciously aware of the three layers and if so is there a continuous exchange happening through the interfaces."

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Strategy Layer is Most Important

Prasanna writes:

The strategy layer is an interface between Vision and Transaction and I would actually say that this is the most important layer amongst the three. The reason being is that this layer has to have a pretty large bandwidth to oscillate between the vision and transaction. And, in reality, these are the people who transform the dream into visible results.

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About Prasanna

Prasanna Rajanna is Principal Consultant for Business Platforms Unit at Infosys Technologies Limited at Bangalore in India (www.infosys.com). He has over a decade + experience in CRM solution architecting. While implementing Siebel CRM for Telecom, retail, healthcare and automotive companies in Europe and United States, he has advocated clients, how to derive maximum benefits of the product, streamlining the process that best suits for that specific industry. Prior to CRM, Prasanna has held various functional head / marketing management roles for nearly 9 + years in manufacturing & retail companies. He has managed countrywide partner & distributor network. His passion is to think deep and create innovative solutions that benefit all stake holders


Power of Strategy

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