Simple Keys to Branding Success

Simple Keys to Branding Success

According to the Small Business Administration, 55% of new businesses fail within 5 years.  Branding is one key ways to make sure that you succeed.  Author Laura Garnett  (see link to article below) suggests that making your brand stand out isn’t as complex as you might think.   She suggests that you find your “zone of genius.”

Your Zone of Genius

Your own zone is where your passions and natural talents overlap. Your brand needs to be genuine. Your brand must fit and be you.


Step one is to identify and recognize your natural talent.  Talent is less about your education and formal credentials and more about how you approach your work. What approach do you employ that makes you unique and provides extra value that customers would value and even crave?

Make certain that your marketing and advertising material focus on this value. Testimonials that highlight to your unique value are especially effective.


How do you discover your greatest passion?  One way is to ask yourself, what activity would you prefer to do over all others, and would expend countless hours on – simple because you completely love doing it?

Finding Your Genius Zone

Unfortunately, many busy entrepreneurs put branding on the back burner. Making your brand stand out is easier than you might think. To do so, you must find your zone of genius–that is, where your greatest passion meets your innate talent. Your zone is unique to you, fitting your personality traits like a finely tailored suit. When you’re in it, you get so lost in your work that don’t notice time passing.


Simple Keys to Branding Success

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