Starfish and Spiders - Highlights

This book is thought provoking! While some believe the authors are a little “far-fetched” the book is on to something big. There is a phenomenon occurring that will lead to important changes.

Communication breakthroughs have always significantly impacted mankind. Printing, improved transportation, newspapers, morse code, telephone, televisions and now web based technologies are have changed the world.

For many years, information was shared through a limited number of channels. Intentional or not, information was figuratively pushed out by a small number of people. Free collaboration technology enables people today around the world to find content they seek, to learn what they desire, to connect people with similar interests around the world, and to share thoughts and knowledge.

Decentralization has been lying dormant for thousands of years. But the advent of the Internet has unleashed this force, knocking down traditional businesses, altering entire industries, affecting how we relate to each other, and influencing world politics. …The rules of the game have changed.  

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Starfish and Spiders - Highlights

Highlights provided by David Willden