Strategy Development Resources

Strategy Development Resources

It is important that you identify a strategy development model that best meets you business'  needs.  The following strategy development resources will provide you background on both seminal classic strategy models that have "stood the test of time" as well as new and innovative approaches.

Highlighted Articles

Strategic Planning Models

The right strategic planning model can play a critical role in helping you to optimize your efforts. Review the different strategic management models to help you determine the pros and cons of each, and to help you determine what model works best for you in your given situation. Continue Reading

How the Mighty Fall – Review

Jim Collins’ research project uncovered five step-wise stages of the decline of formerly mighty companies. These stages are like a staged disease. It is generally hard to detect the disease while it is in its early stages, but that is when it is most curable. Continue Reading

5 Future Strategies

George Stalk with Boston Consulting Group argues the companies must understand and adopt top innovative business practices long before the media catches wind and begins to spread the word. He warns that if you wait to pick up and adopt business practices from the media then it may be too late to become a viable player in the new environment[...]  Continue Reading 

How to Predict the Future 

“Scott Anderson with CNN wrote, “Eric is one of the most impressive thinkers I’ve met in Washington.” Eric states, “it is not that the study of the future is somehow incoherent as a managerial discipline. In fact, it has one of the best, most consistent methodologies of any intellectual field.” Continue Reading

Business Research 

List and description of business research resources (mostly free).  Click to Access

Strategic Speed - Review

Only 30 percent of strategic initiatives are successfully executed. If we can’t have confidence in our ability to strategize, plan and execute, what do we have? What’s going on? And how can you accelerate execution in your company? Three seasoned executives and consultants conducted major research to understand the problem and to find answers.  Continue Reading


Strategy Development Resources