What is a Leader?

What is a Leader?

An organization, a nation, the world can benefit from commonly shared dreams and strategies. The role of a leaders is to create an environment where everyone can establish and pursue goals and strategies. As humans, we all share a deep desire to create and to make things better. It is what motivates and inspires us. These are sacred desires and we should support each other in pursuing these.

Some leadership evangelists cry out about the importance of “getting the right people on the bus.” This has been translated by too many as “let’s fire those who we don’t believe are genetically hardwired to be the very best.” The truth is, what drives too many leaders who have this mindset is, “how can I get the right people on the bus who can help me to enjoy additional wealth, power, prestige and pleasure.” These leaders would never admit these things, however, this is and has always been the nature of self-serving men.

The American dream isn’t based on the Darwinist belief that an aristocratic class of genetically superior should make all decisions, govern, and be given special privileges of wealth, power and pleasure. We fought against this very thing.

The Story of William Kamkwamba

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