What is Leadership?

A leader is someone who provides vision and motivation. It is someone who successfully helps each person and the organization to grow and succeed.  Alan Keith is quoted as saying that leadership is “ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.”

Great Leaders Care Deeply

Great leaders are different, but not in the way you would expect. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and ages. Often they are not found behind big desks, growing in self-importance, but are on the battlefield.

So, how are they different? They are like a wonderful mother, but they care not only for their own. They will do anything for others. They will take whatever risk is needed in whatever situation is at hand. They will comfort, they will love, and they will fight only when needed with unconquerable strength to protect the innocent.

Is Evil vs. Good Really Just a Myth?

Many claim that there really is no such thing as good and evil. Do you really believe that? It is the nature of man to want power, respect, riches and pleasures generally at the expense of others. These desires in small doses can seem innocent enough. However, our appetites for these things can consume and eventually destroy our lives. Moreover, they can destroy the lives of all those around us.

Great Leaders Persuade But Don’t Force

Great leaders deeply respect the agency or freedoms of others. They are what are known as “multiplers.” Every loving mother and father knows the simple truth that, you just can’t just always force your kids to do things. Even if the intentions are good, forcing someone to do something will ultimately lead to bitterness and rebellion.

Great leaders seek to persuade but not force. They are patient, gentle and humble. To be humble is not to put yourself on a pedestal. Instead, humility is to fully desire to understand and to make decisions based on clear knowledge.

What is Leadership?

Highlights by David Willden